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Songs from the other side

Music made in Kolding
Songs from the other side

5/9/2020 kl. 12:00 til 18:00
Den Spanske Trappe
Slotsstræde, 6000 / Kolding
Andet Bevægelse Børn Dans Film Foredrag Historie Kunst Litteratur Mad Musik Natur Teater
Arrangementet er overstået
An acoustic concert at "Den Spanske Trappe" by local musicians playing Kolding's original soundtrack
Acoustic singer-songwriters hyggeligt concert d.05.09 at "Den Spanske Trappe".
Enjoy a concert with the original music created in Kolding by local and international musicians.
From Mexico to Rumania, from Den Engelske pub to Colombia.
This musicians have founded inspiration during their stay in Kolding to express themselves through songs that tell us about how is to be directly and indirectly living in our beautiful little city in the middle of Denmark.
Kolding has an upcoming scene with young and experimented musicians that will sing for you the tunes that sounds in their heads while walking next to the castle, by the parks and during the long nights in the pubs.
Kolding as the inspiration for artists that with melodies will make you feel in harmony and in home even if you´re from another part of the world.
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