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Window Display

A play set inside, and outside a store.
Window Display

18/9/2020 kl. 18:00 til 19:30
Beth Baun
Hovedgaden 18, 7190 Billund
Andet Bevægelse Børn Dans Film Foredrag Historie Kunst Litteratur Mad Musik Natur Teater
Arrangementet er overstået
This is a play that gives the audience to see two sides to a story. First we watch what happens inside a fashion boutique, as the employees are preparing a new display, and cleaning up from the day. Then we see what was happening outside the store.
The first act takes place inside of the Beth Baun store in downtown Billund. The store is closed. Lene and Laura are cleaning the store, counting their income, discussing the day, trading gossip, and planning a brand new display for tomorrow. They receive phone calls. They talk about their personal life. All of a sudden, there is a visitor, knocking on the glass. Words are exchanged, although we only hear the perspective of the women inside the shop. Suddenly there is a shift in tone. It is ominous, and foreboding. The women try desperately to get rid of the visitor. Finally, the visitor leaves.

The audience is then taken outside the store, where we see the timeline as in Act One. This time, we see it from The Other Side. We see what was going on outside the store, while the women were cleaning, counting, and conversing. We see it from the visitor's perspective. We see a very different side to the story.

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