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Fonder the Heart

A Play about Surviving Distance
Fonder the Heart

4/9/2021 kl. 19:00 til 21:00
Billund Centret
7190 Billund, Billund
Andet Bevægelse Børn Dans Film Foredrag Historie Kunst Litteratur Mad Musik Natur Teater
Arrangementet er overstået
In this play, the audience will follow a group of participants on their couples' retreat. The retreat is designed to help partners restore their love and relationship after COVID.
C.I.R.C.L.E. is a retreat offered to couples who feel they have lost touch with each other in the time of the pandemic. If you feel that distance has developed in your relationship during this time, then you are encouraged to join the CIRCLE. We will help you reconnect to your partner and your purpose, over the course of three magical and valuable days. Join the CIRCLE!

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Trekantomraadets Festuge
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